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So your big day is coming up and you want to look your very best – that’s why you clicked this page.

First off, it is important to note that the very best way to reach your results is by making sustainable lifestyle changes that you can maintain. But we get it, you’re here because you’re on a time crunch and you need results. The ideal timeline for our Bridal Bootcamp to achieve the best results is 8-12 weeks.

Consistency. This is a word you will hear a lot from Ivan. The TYALO approach to fitness and weight loss is simple yet backed by science and results. Stop spending your time on Google looking for the latest fad diet to get you where you want to be – it will not work. The quicker you lose weight the quicker you will gain it back. Prioritizing fitness is a lifestyle choice, and Ivan is here to coach you through healthy ways to lose body fat percentage, gain lean muscle, live a longer happier life and look your best on your big day. You will receive simple to follow fitness plans designed for your specific goals and a nutrition guide to go with it. The average weight loss expectation is 1-2 pounds per week.

“Trust the TYALO process and dedicate at least eight weeks to transform your mind, body, and habits for your big day.  We promise, investing in yourself and your health to feel confident at your wedding will be the best investment you will make.” – Ivan Vachkov  

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