Next Level. This phrase is what the Tyalo Strength Program is all about. The Tyalo approach to fitness and strength training is simple, yet backed by science and results. Our Strength Program is for someone who needs a challenge, is ready to maximize lean muscle gain and lose body fat! If you’ve hit fitness goals in the past and you need something new, something challenging and something to get you to the next level in your fitness journey – then this is the program for you.

With this eight week program, you will receive simple to follow fitness plans designed for your specific goals and nutrition guidelines to fuel your very best health. Food intake is based on age and gender. It includes full body exercises designed to help you develop more lean muscle, burn more calories and trim fat. And yes, that means eating more! Trust us with your goals and we’ll get you to the next level.

“This program is designed to push you beyond your limits to reach the new fitness goals and see results each week” – Ivan Vachkov

Specific work-out plan with exercises catered to your unique goals

Exercise Schedule

Nutrition Guide

Expertise, encouragement and check-ins with Ivan