Interested in losing body fat? Our Trim plan is the one for you. Learn how to do it the right way – through consistency, proper exercise and nutrition!

The Trim Weight Loss Program is simple yet backed by science and results.  Our program is not a quick fix, rather a step-by-step guide to lose body fat and keep it off.  You will do full body exercises to build lean muscle mass, cardio workouts to support your organs, endurance and muscle recovery.  Plus, you will receive a nutrition guide to fuel you body, provide a myriad of health benefits and support your weight loss goals.  As you progress through the fitness program, the workouts will get increasingly more challenging to keep your muscles engaged and working harder to accelerate your metabolism.  You may of tried fade diets and weight loss programs in the past with no success, but that is about to change.  Trust the process and take the first step today to transform your eating habits and body to be the best version of yourself.

“Weight loss requires consistency and patience.  Prioritizing fitness is a lifestyle choice, and I will coach you through healthy ways to lose body fat percentage, gain lean muscles and live a longer happier life.” – Ivan Vachkov

Exercise Schedule

Specific work-out plan with exercises catered to your unique goals

Nutrition Guide

Expertise, encouragement and check-ins with Ivan