The earlier our kids are introduced to a healthy lifestyle, the better! The little ones will not only get the basics of exercise, they will have fun!



Looking to lose body fat? Our Trim plan is the one for you. Learn how to do it the right way - through proper exercise and nutrition!



Feel and look your best, no matter your age! Our Fit over 50 plan is designed for those who want to lead a long and healthy life.



Brides to be - this one is for you! Ivan will help you achieve your fitness goals so you look your very best on one of the biggest days of your life.



Is more muscle part of your fitness goals? You're speaking our language! With our Strength plan, Ivan will take you through the right exercises and nutrition to get there.

My wife and I have been training with Ivan for the past 10 years. He has been seeing my wife and I at the same time and I particularly appreciate the care he takes with my wife since she is 94. He guides me on a varied workout routine that often leaves me sore the next day. He seems to have this strange idea that if I did more aerobic exercise before hand I wouldn't ache as much. In general he has helped me to avoid becoming a couch potato. With Ivan I exercise more than I would on my own he sets higher but attainable goals than I would by myself.

Bill & Pearl Clients of Ivan for 10 years

Ivan has been a great help in getting me to age 94, both with my strength and my attitude. For the past ten years, he has been a hard taskmaster always with a good sense of humor and a kind disposition. He keeps me motivated when he sees me struggling and I am grateful. He recognizes a person’s strengths and weaknesses. He gives me advice on what I should eat and drink to build up my strength and stamina. I feel fortunate to have found him over ten years ago.

Pearl Client of Ivan for Over 10 years

To get a job I needed to pass a physical fitness test. I contacted Ivan and before I knew it, I was given a diet and a workout routine geared toward me passing the PT test. I had to run a 1 ½ mile in 13 min and complete 50 push-ups and 68 sit-ups in two minutes. The workout and diet provided to me was both cost efficient, fun and provided results. Ivan is a great trainer and his professionalism and knowledge is second to none.

Mark Client

I started my weight loss and fitness journey a couple years ago and not too long into it I was introduced to Ivan. He helped me understand things about my diet and exercise that I was doing wrong and guided me towards better habits and exercise routine. With a ‘no BS’ approach he helped me create the discipline needed and is always pushing me to do better every step of the way! He slows me down when I need to and ‘up the pace’ when necessary. He has been a very important part of the journey and continues to help me achieve my goals, personalizing my exercise plan focusing on those goals.

Ruben Client

I have been training virtually with Ivan Vachkov at Tyalo Fitness LLC three times a week for the past year. He is the best trainer I have worked with in the last twenty years. I believe that I am getting as good if not better training virtually than when I went to a local fitness I highly recommend Ivan’s training methods and virtual training. They are both working great for me.

Suzanne Client

Ivan knows the body. He is cognizant of all the muscles and how they age. He accommodates every part of the workout to prevent injury. I love his personality. He is a mensch, a gentle giant. He's touch, because he wants you to succeed. And I mean that. You do what he says, you see results.

Sandy Client of TYALO Fitness 5 years

I wanted to change my life to be able to live and enjoy my grandchildren. There was no magic, no pills, no surgeries - straightforward diet and exercise. Ivan changed my life - now it's my lifestyle

David, Client of TYALO Fitness 4 years Lost 100 lbs